Talking to Artists at Gallery Openings

People sometimes tell me they are curious about art, but don't know how to engage the artist at a gallery opening.  Saturday night there will be 5 of us showing our work, just waiting to talk with you.  You can always come up to any of us and just us to tell you something about the work. 

But if you want some general questions to start off a conversation with an artist, try some of these:

  • How did you create that technique in this part of the drawing?
  • How much of this piece was planned ahead of time?
  • How did you choose the colors?
  • For something that is partially realistic and partly unreal: Why did you ... (paint the sky red; give her 4 eyes; etc.)?
  • For something realistic: Is that something you actually saw or a scene you made up?  Why did you choose that scene?
  • For something abstract: Does this represent something?  If not, what were you trying to do?
  • What does the title mean?
  • How long did it take?
  • What motivated you to do this piece?

So, armed with these questions, come on down to the River Street Gallery Saturday evening and talk to us! 

72 Blatchley Avenue, 5-8pm April 2